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Tips and Recommendations For Traveling in Savannah, GA. 

Find great places to eat, stay, and live like a Rock Star in Savannah. Travel Guide for Savannah! Top Travel Tips: 1. If you plan on visiting Savannah during high-season, call ahead for dinner reservations. Many restaurants have limited seating. 2. Bug spray! Yup, you’ll need it. Depending on the time of day and temperature, the gnats are going to want to meet you and your family. We recommend “No Natz” that you can find at most gas stations. 3. Stay hydrated. With plenty of outdoor activities and spending most of your time walking, make sure you drink plenty of water. Savannah can be pretty humid during the summer months. 4. Parking. If you can’t find a parking space on one of the main streets in downtown Savannah, you’ll find plenty of parking on side streets throughout the town.

Shopping on Broughton Street

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