St. Patrick’s Day Parade Savannah 2023

Everything You Need To Know about St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah 2023

When: Friday, March 17, 2023, at 10:15 am.

Where: Historic Downtown Savannah, GA

Float in St. Patrick's Day Parade Savannah, GA

Important Information pertaining to St. Patrick’s Day

Watching the Parade from a Square

If you wish to watch the parade from a square, please keep in mind the following rules pertaining to occupying a space on or near a historic square.  The city of Savannah set up the “Land Rush” rules.

Squares along the Parade Route:

Calhoun, Oglethorpe, LaFayette, Johnson, Wright, Madison, and Chippewa Squares.

Parade Route

The City of Savannah will have security guards and City marshals in the squares at 10PM the night before St. Patrick’s Day. At that time, they will ask everyone to leave the square.

At 6AM on the morning of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, City and Security staff will “officially” open the squares to parade-goers. 

At no time should individuals tear down the orange fencing that is in place to protect the landscaping. 

Parade-goers are responsible for any litter in or around the space they occupied throughout the night and the space they occupy in the square. 

Pushing, grabbing, hitting or any other physical actions will not be tolerated. 

Once parade-goers are settled in their locations, City staff and security will conduct a “sweep” of the area and require individuals to clean up the streets and square. 

Styrofoam is prohibited. 

Drinking alcoholic beverages is allowed during this event. Staff will monitor this activity to ensure that public drunkenness, public urination, noise violations and other local ordinances are not violated.  

Glass containers are NOT ALLOWED.  If an individual is found to have glass, a City Marshal will approach the person and ask them to either pour the beverage into an approved cup or pour the beverage out. 

It is not uncommon for groups to get loud as the night progresses.  Staff will encourage groups to comply with the noise ordinance. 

These are RESIDENTIAL AREAS, and it is important to keep as quiet as possible. 

It’s important to have fun enjoy yourselves while following the rules. 

If an individual or group is in violation of a local ordinance, the City Marshal will ask you to comply. If you do not comply, you will be asked to leave. SPD will be called if necessary.


Parking for St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

Parking for St. Patrick’s Day is a challenge. Make sure you have a plan and see this helpful guide from the City of Savannah. Click Here


Friday, March 17, parking is prohibited on the parade route and in the marshaling areas, vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.  Savannah Police Department will tow vehicles parked in the prohibited zones and parade route beginning 6:00 am on Friday, March 17.

Special Notes

  • Tailgating from vehicles & loitering in the garage is prohibited. Grilling is PROHIBITED in all City facilities & lots.

  • Smoking in the garage is PROHIBITED.

  • Glass bottles/containers are PROHIBITED in the garage and on the street.

  • The City of Savannah assumes no responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision or otherwise to the car or contents.  

Parade Savannah GA

St Patrick's Parade

City Barricades Parade Savannah

Parade Goers Savannah

Car in Parade

Grand Marshall St. Patrick's Day Savannah

Marching Band Parade

PARADE INFO for Participants in the Parde

Savannah St Patrick’s Day Parade Rules and Regulations

1. All entries must provide family-oriented entertainment consistent with this celebration in honor of Saint Patrick and Irish-American heritage.

2. Each entry shall be responsible for the conduct of all of its participants.

3. Attire appropriate to the occasion is required of all participants.

4. NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the parade. No cups or glassware are allowed in the parade. Bottled water or canned soft drinks are allowed.

5. No objects may be handed out, distributed, or thrown by any entry or participant, including marchers, floats, and vehicles associated with the entry.

6. No participant may undertake any dangerous or noxious activities in the Parade. No cooking is permitted in the Parade.

7. The Parade Committee has the right to inspect all units prior to and during the Parade.

8. The driver of each vehicle must be a qualified, licensed driver 21 years of age or older. During the Parade, each vehicle must maintain a safe distance from the preceding unit.

9. All vehicle entries must be covered by liability insurance to the satisfaction of the Parade Committee. Proof of insurance must be provided with the application.

10. The size of a float shall be limited to 30 feet in length (for the trailer portion), 10 feet in width and 12 feet in height.

11. The Parade Committee shall have the power to regulate the amount and scope of advertisement. Advertisement is limited to the Applicant, and only to the extent stated in the application and approved by the Parade Committee. Applicants who hold political office may be accepted to represent the office they now hold, not as the candidate for any office. No campaign buttons, signs or apparel will be allowed.

12. The Parade Committee reserves the right to exclude from participation, in the Parade or in the Official Program, any entry which it considers to be advocating or promoting a particular purpose, principle, agenda, or message inconsistent with or contrary to those of the Parade.

Any further information, please contact the Committee at or at 912-233-4804.

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