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Looking for a pawn shop near you? Look for the best pawn shop in Savannah?

Best Pawn Shop Savannah

Boom! You found it! Welsh Pawn Shop

Locally owned and operated since 1913, Welsh Pawn Shop has consistently served the greater Savannah area with hometown pride. From its humble family-owned single store beginnings to the multi-store corporation today, Welsh is the premier pawnshop of Southeast Georgia.

Welsh Pawn Shop prides itself on being a full-service pawn operation. With 40+ years of experience, CEO Eric Richman incorporated in 1980 and is still serving Welsh’s customers today. His award-winning staff have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your needs conveniently, efficiently, and confidentially.

Quick cash loans from $50 to $5000 on jewelry, firearms, electronics, musical instruments, or most any item of value is Welsh’s specialty.

If one is looking for great deals on new and pre-owned merchandise, why go anywhere else? Trades, special orders, discounted prices and jewelry repairs; Welsh does it all. After nearly a century, they are the most trusted and courteous in the Coastal Empire Area!

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