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River Horse Digital Marketing is Savannah’s top-rated digital Marketing Company. With over 21 years of experience, Joe Ippolito and team have helped many venerable Savannah businesses succeed both online and offline.

Since 2006, River Horse Digital has been helping businesses develop strategies to grow and sustain their business models both online and offline.  Our success would not be what it is today without great leadership, staying committed, keeping our focus, and being driven to be the best digital agency in Savannah and the Low Country. River Horse Digital Marketing has donated tens of thousands of dollars over the years to many local charities and non-profits in addition to our time. We understand it’s easy to say the right things, but our actions count more. When we help you reach your online and offline marketing goals, we know that we have executed at the highest level. It takes being driven, committed, and focused to perform at the highest level. Creating value based on measurable outcomes and best-in-class metrics.

Creating value based on measurable outcomes and best-in-class metrics.

River Horse Internet Marketing helps its clients grow and sustain their business models online and offline. We’re search engineers that understand search behavior. By measuring and adjusting critical search engine marketing metrics, we provide our clients with the information needed to influence the online and offline marketplace. Our experienced engineers work with you and your web team or agency to help you improve your online conversions. We help you understand consumer behavior and how they interact with your brand. We’re not a web company that decided to add a revenue channel to help keep business by offering Internet marketing services. We’re not a traditional marketing company that decided to add Digital Marketing to their basket to create a new revenue stream due to lost revenue. While we do understand their services/offerings extremely well after decades of building websites and developing offline branding campaigns, we’re a full-service Internet Marketing company that from the beginning has always focused on being the premier Internet Marketing company in Savannah. We work with local, national, and international multi-million dollar companies and organizations. Ask how we can audit your current Internet Marketing company’s work or your in-house team’s work and provide valuable feedback, and build you a plan for your next steps.

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