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Savannah’s Offical Guide and Travel Tips! 

Savannah, GA has so much to offer tourists and locals. Below you’ll discover recommendations and tips pertaining to everything that is Savannah.

Savannah Travel Tips:

1. Parking Downtown Savannah: Savannah has a great app you can download to pay for your parking while visiting the city.  On your mobile device look for “Park Savannah” in your app store. You can find your parking space number that you’ll need to enter in the app printed on the pavement (typically at the backend of your vehicle). And make sure you pay! While Savannah is a great place to visit, they take their parking seriously.

2. Holiday and Special Events: Make sure you have secured your accommodations before your get to town if you’re visiting during a holiday or special event. Savannah typically has no vacancy on most weekends and definitely during the holidays and annual events.

3. Tybee Beach (aka Savannah’s Beach): If you plan on visiting the beach while you’re staying in Savannah, get to the beach early during the on seasons. Parking is scarce and typically it becomes increasingly more difficult to find parking from noon until sunset.

4. Walking Downtown Savannah: Bring plenty of water during the summer! Savannah is a great walking city and has over 20 squares you can visit where you can eat lunch or enjoy sitting underneath an angel oak.

5. Traffic: During normal rush hour, Bay Street is a parking lot. Avoid MLK and Bay Street during the early morning rush hour and late afternoon rush hour. Additionally, most of the streets between Bay and MLK can become congested depending on the number of tourists in town. So plan on extra time to find parking depending on your destination.


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